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Working with organizations to navigate their unique opportunities and challenges is the driving inspiration behind our work.


We advocate for business owners because they are the inspiration and vitality of the communities in which we live and work.      


Fractional CFO 

Fractional CFO Services

Cash is the reason businesses thrive or fail. We bring powerful tools to take the guesswork out of budgeting and cash flow analysis.

Cryptocurrency Accounting

Blockchain-based cryptocurrencies have come of age. There is now a cheaper, faster, and more transparent way to send and receive funds globally. We help you account for it all. 


Accounting and Payroll

Payroll and HR

The game has changed. Are you manually setting up payroll for employees? We can help you significantly streamline your payroll and tax compliance process.

Accounting and Finance

Getting started? Need an upgrade? We help get you on a cloud-based ledger that will meet your current and future needs. 


Information Technology

IT Roadmap & Cybersecurity

We specialize in back-office technology selection and implementation. Everything we do considers total cost of ownership, ease of use, and security.

System Implementation

Accounting and supply chain system implementations can be disruptive and taxing on current staff. We provide the support needed to make your project a success and take the risk out of critical technology updates.


HR Support

HR Support Services

We offer comprehensive HR support services that encompass: 

assistance with recruitment and selection, performance management, succession planning, compensation and benefits, and general HR questions.


Local team provides depth and clarity.



We are lucky to partner with some of Pacific Northwest's most recognized, beloved brands. Here are just a few of these stories to help showcase the results we help deliver to our clients. 

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"Adam's depth of experience in accounting operations, finance, and information technology allows us to accelerate..."


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Wisewood Energy

"While separate companies, the relationship feels like one of the co-founders... we owe them a debt of gratitude..."


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Steven Smith Teamaker

"Smith Teamaker will benefit from this relationship and the services Primetrics has provided for years to come."




About us

We are your financial advisors. Entrepreneurs at heart, we harness the power of numbers to uncover profit and to clear the fog. We absorb documentation, pour over operational spreadsheets, examine data from IT and compliance, and showcase it visually. We make the numbers make sense for business owners. Well informed with new knowledge and vision, clients have the confidence to plan for and manage growth to achieve results. For local business owners who share our passion for sustainable enterprise, the results are immediate and will endure for years to come.


Primetrics is a Registered CPA Firm in Oregon:



We embrace Agile program management principles to perform our work.

On client engagements, this means:

  • Our client’s goals become our own, and we adapt in real-time to changes.

  • We update our progress with the client frequently.

  • We believe face-to-face dialogue is the most effective form of communication.

  • We hold ourselves to the highest level of professional competency and transparency.

  • We embrace simplicity and self-organized teams around a shared purpose.

  • Honest feedback makes us stronger, and we embrace the resulting changes.



 Adam L. Turco CPA, CISA
 [INTJ - Merchant - Innovator]

Through my Firm, Primetrics, I provide CFO consulting services to small and midsized companies. Clients engage Primetrics mainly to understand their financial business model and help transition to growth and gain a better understanding of the profit drivers at their company. They seek outside mentoring for their staff or need to support their team with accounting professionals. Sometimes the company is in transition and needs an experienced CPA to stabilize the accounting and finances of their business. Many times, we set up their first budget and forecasting process to help them see into the future. 


I bring a background in technology implementation that few CPAs or CFOs possess. Automation and business process optimization are the tools I bring to every engagement. This skill set has allowed clients to scale their businesses where before it simply was not possible. The Firm specializes in identifying and implementing the latest cloud-based applications to automate the accounting and financial operations of our clients. Doing so allows them to scale profitably and realize higher returns on the same volume of sales. Our work frees up internal resources to focus on innovation and customer satisfaction.


My current projects include helping cryptocurrency-based businesses account for their transitions providing much-needed tax compliance and financial reporting capabilities for their growing organizations.  

Office: (971) 319-2807

Susan Williams_green_small.jpg

Susan moved from the Midwest to the Oregon coast in 2017.  Before her role as a Fractional CFO at Primetrics, Susan held multiple director-level roles in finance and human resources. Her knowledge of financial accounting, budgeting, benefits administration, and building strong virtual teams is an enormous help to her small business clients.

While working full-time, Susan earned her education through night classes which resulted in an MBA in Finance and MHRM in Human Resource Management from Keller Graduate School of Management, and her bachelor’s degree from Roosevelt University.  She also holds the Human Resource SHRM-SCP certification.

Her love of learning transcended to teaching evening and online accounting classes at two colleges in Wisconsin.  Helping others achieve their goals and dreams is always at the forefront of her motivation.  

Susan is passionate about the natural environment and wildlife in the pacific northwest.  In her free time, Susan loves to hike, read European history, crochet/knit, travel, and walk her two shelties.

 Susan Williams
 Fractional CFO
 [ENFJ - Banker - Innovator]
5618A055-670E-4DF6-9F73-5A3C25C9A426 (1).jpeg

Aline is a Portland native whose love for accounting emerged during her time working for a local small business. In her role, it was necessary for her to wear many hats and work closely with the company's president. This opportunity enabled her to learn and participate in multiple facets of the company. Being immersed in the day-to-day aspects of the business allowed her to recognize many opportunities for improvement. She is most proud of her work to optimize a complex delivery workflow and the profits it yielded. Being able to add value to the business motivated her to continue seeking opportunities to have a positive impact. As a result of her experiences, Aline accepted a financial manager position at a large multinational non-profit organization. While in this role, Aline worked on administering federal grants, providing technical assistance to other organizations, and helping establish new processes, all while working for a cause she was passionate about. Aline is always searching for opportunities to learn and add value wherever she goes. Aline enjoys hiking in the pacific northwest, personal fitness, and spoiling her dog, Reggie.

 Aline Orozco
 Senior Accountant 
 [ENFJ - Merchant - Innovator]

Brittany is an aspiring accountant who is motivated by the belief that the work that she does can help others. Staff Accountant by day and student by night, it’s exciting for her to see how her schooling and work benefit each other. She was first exposed to accounting by her mother and realized that she wanted to pursue it as a career while assisting the accounting department at a local real estate company where she developed a background in real estate transactions and financing. Before her work in real estate, she was an office manager for a physical rehabilitation services company where she prided herself in providing excellent customer service and enjoyed the complexity of medical billing. She later had the opportunity to train new staff, develop policies and procedures for the outpatient division, and was responsible for creating the department’s training reference manual.

Brittany spent her formative years in Salt Lake City, Utah where she fell in love with the Wasatch mountains, so it was natural for her to gravitate toward Mt. Hood upon moving to Oregon in 2012.  She loves hiking, snowboarding, and running with her Doberman pinscher. 

 Brittany Bradfield
 Accounting Manager - CPG 
 [INTP - Merchant - Innovator]

A recent graduate from Portland State University. Her determination, dedication, and persistence helped her successfully obtain her accounting degree while working and raising her four children. Ivana loves to see small businesses grow and succeed. Ivana has lived in Oregon off and on since 1998. Since returning to Oregon in 2012, she has worked for small businesses and enjoys watching them grow and succeed. Ivana loves to explore Oregon during the beautiful summers with her family, exploring places in the region they haven’t yet seen. There is oh so much!

Ivana Brito
Senior Accountant
[ISFP - Innovator - Builder]

A Portland native, David graduated from Madison High School. He recently obtained his bachelor's degree in Business at Portland State University. with an emphasis on Marketing.


David has worked multiple summers while in school for Portland Parks and Recreation as a camp athletic instructor. One of his passions is engaging with youth and helping them find activities that allow them to express their individuality. He began as Primetrics Summer 2021 marketing intern, now holds the title of a marketing content specialist. David's work ethic is all geared towards skill development and his aspirations of being a marketing strategist.

David is focused on digital marketing, content creation, and how to truly engage customers online. He enjoys research and digging into the details to find what customers and brands can do to make authentic connections in a digital world. His goals this year include learning about commercial-grade CRM tools and in-situ SaaS marketing analytics to augment his education at PSU.

 David Lawrence
 Marketing Content Specialist
 [ENFJ - Innovator - Builder ]

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