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Wisewood Energy

Primetrics has been with Wisewood Energy since the very beginning. They helped us grow profitability while improving business operations. As our CFO, Adam is able to solve a diverse set of business challenges, including system implementations, profitability analysis, tax compliance, cybersecurity and IT implementation, business process optimization, and financial reporting. His team is an integral part of the business.

Andrew Haden – Owner 


In Europe, energy is a high tech, high visibility consumer business. Think sports cars versus smokestacks. High energy prices, early carbon pricing, and a sense that Western Europe will never be truly safe relying on oil and gas from Russia have driven the renewable energy market considerably faster than in the United States. One of the companies in Portland leveraging this technology differential is Wisewood Energy. Founded by Andrew Haden, Wisewood leads the US in innovation, project ideation, and construction for medium scale biomass heat and power projects. Primetrics has been with Wisewood since inception and has been their accounting and information technology provider along the way.

While separate companies, the relationship feels like one of co-founders. Wisewood has been a tremendous partner to Primetrics, and we owe them a debt of gratitude for believing in us. Wisewood has been an exciting company to watch scale.

Services: Fractional CFO, Outsourced Accounting and Finance, CIO services, and information technology.


We are lucky to partner with some of Pacific Northwest's most recognized, beloved brands. Here are just a few of these stories to help showcase the results we help deliver to our clients. 

bar board_bambu_prepping
bar board_bambu_prepping


"Adam's depth of experience in accounting operations, finance, and information technology allows us to accelerate..."



Steven Smith Teamaker

"Smith Teamaker will benefit from this relationship and the services Primetrics has provided for years to come."





"I found Primetrics uniquely suited to help run the back office of TrustSwap and our subsidiaries..."


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