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Fractional CFO, CPA, MAcct


Fractional CFO, CPA

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Fractional CFO, SHRM-SCP

Mission | Core Values
Power Statement

What is in our DNA?

Trust | Community | Drive
Professionalism | Service | Ownership

Values are the guiding principles that shape our culture and actions as a business. Upholding them means consistently embodying each one in all aspects of the company, creating a cohesive and authentic culture. 


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At the heart of our firm lies trust, which is the cornerstone of all our interactions.  We want to earn and keep your trust and believe in the power of authenticity and transparency.  We model our communication with both our internal team and clients around this core value which places honesty and integrity above all.


Long-term Relationships | Personal Investment

We are committed to fostering long-term relationships with our clients and colleagues. We invest in the person, not just the business, understanding that success is built on strong, enduring partnerships. Our approach is characterized by kindness, positivity, and a genuine care for the individuals we serve.


Autonomy | Mastery | Purpose

We champion the principles of autonomy, mastery, and purpose. Our firm supports remote work, fostering a culture of independence and flexibility. We encourage lifelong learning, promoting mastery in our profession. We foster a strong community that drives innovation, with a shared purpose that motivates and inspires us.


Professionalism (2).png

Our firm embodies professionalism, demonstrated through our commitment to service leadership. We are proud members of the accounting profession, upholding its standards and ethics. Our team members are certified professionals on a career track, continuously striving for excellence in their respective fields.



We are committed to unwavering and exceptional customer service.  Our team is responsive to the requests of our clients and provides timely and accurate feedback, mentoring, and guidance.  Each client is treated with the utmost respect and attention.


Merit-Based Equity

We operate on a merit-based equity ethos, recognizing that hard work should be rewarded. In our firm, results determine position, and we believe in granting equity to those who demonstrate commitment to our mission. We reward dedication and achievement, fostering a sense of ownership and pride in our collective success.

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