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With the ever-changing landscape of business, the partners sought the expertise of Primetrics. As we grow our brand we found we needed to evolve our understanding of Bambu's financial model and the business processes that support Bambu. Adam's depth of experience in accounting operations, finance, and information technology allowed us to accelerate that transformation.

Jeff Delkin – Owner 

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Jeff Delkin and Rachel Speth, Portland founders of Bambu®, introduced bamboo as a versatile and sustainable material to the World in 2003. With nearly two decades in the business, they are green pioneers in the global consumer products industry. As consumers move away from plastics and other materials that contribute to the global pollution crisis, Bambu is well-positioned to provide a zero-waste alternative.

You always know you are in the right place when humbled by those around you. Rachel and Jeff are at the heart of the sustainable product movement worldwide. Their values shine on every aspect of their company. Helping companies like Bambu scale and leverage its impact is the "Why" for our company. 

Services: Fractional CFO, CIO services and information Technology, Management Advisory Services


We are lucky to partner with some of Pacific Northwest's most recognized, beloved brands. Here are just a few of these stories to help showcase the results we help deliver to our clients. 


Wisewood Energy

"While separate companies, the relationship feels like one of the co-founders... we owe them a debt of gratitude..."



Steven Smith Teamaker

"Smith Teamaker will benefit from this relationship and the services Primetrics has provided for years to come."





"I found Primetrics uniquely suited to help run the back office of TrustSwap and our subsidiaries..."


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