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Michael Meek CPA

Fractional CFO, CPA

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Mike’s proficiencies range from environmental compliance to financial analysis to benefits management. He invests his time and effort working with the people running the companies and the company’s operations, as well—knowing they are interconnected. The success of one, impacts the success of the other.

Mike excels at analyzing complex business challenges and conceptualizing visionary solutions. As a Fractional CFO at Primetrics, Mike supports business owners in several fields, first conducting an in-depth financial analysis, then pinpointing KPIs, and creating strategic financial plans for businesses to be successful. 


Early in Mike’s career he worked for a large company, the Salt River Project for 20 years, beginning as a Financial Analyst and later as a Benefits Manager.  The company has been operating for over 100 years and is one of the largest public power utilities in the nation. While working full-time, Mike earned his CPA certification in 2012, then operated his own financial practice before joining Primetrics.


He began his studies as a science major earning BS in Chemistry from Indiana University Bloomington. Soon after embarking on a career in science, he realized he had an affinity for accounting, which is where he has excelled. In addition to his financial credentials, Mike earned an MBA at the University of Phoenix.


Mike’s education and career path have taken him from his native Indiana, to Arizona, to the Oregon coast where he enjoys his free time fly fishing, soaking in the beautiful views of the Pacific Northwest, and thoughtful moments away from the world lost in reading. And on Saturday’s, he can be found supporting Indiana University’s football team.

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