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Fostering Creative Partnerships: Uniting Artistry and Finance with Coaster Theatre

Our team recently had the opportunity to enjoy a delightful day at the beach together, and it was truly a memorable experience for several reasons. Our offsite outing was a perfect blend of celebration, relaxation, and engaging beach activities, resulting in an incredible day that will be cherished by all of us. To make it even more special, we were privileged to visit the renowned Coaster Theatre, a beloved part of our community that has created countless cherished memories.

As part of our annual tradition, our company partners with a not-for-profit organization to offer support and guidance where needed. This year, we are thrilled to add Coaster Theatre to our list of supported organizations.

Upon entering the Coaster Theatre, we were immediately captivated by its charm and character. The air was filled with an aura of creativity, and we arrived at the perfect time, as the theatre was in the final stages of a captivating project centered around the complex dynamics between a man, his loyal dog, and a wife who had grown to despise the canine companion.

We were warmly welcomed by Patrick, The Theatre’s Executive Director, and he graciously gave our team a tour of the entire facility. Our journey through the theatre took us to various locations, including the dressing rooms, prop storage area, and even the crawl space beneath the seats. We were captivated by the stories Patrick shared about previous projects and how props were collected, stored, and reused over the years.

This visit was truly special, and the fact that Coaster Theatre has become part of our community makes it even more significant. We are excited to provide a range of services, such as grant accounting, accounting system implementation, accounting services, and process improvement, to support their growth and success. Our role as their fractional CFO provider ensures that we will play a vital behind-the-scenes role in ensuring their financial well-being.

What started as a day at the beach, turned into an extraordinary celebration of art, community, and collaboration. The Coaster Theatre, with its unique charm and rich history, warmly embraced us. Our partnership with Coaster Theatre fills us with pride and excitement for the incredible projects we will undertake together.

This collaboration, where we celebrate the arts while providing essential financial services, is a testament to the diverse talents within our team. We eagerly anticipate the exciting journey ahead, where creativity and finance harmonize, creating an impact that resonates both on and off the stage.

If you find yourself on the Oregon coast soon. Check out the Coaster Theatre website and find out when the next event will be.


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