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Brittany Bradfield

Account Manager

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Brittany is an aspiring accountant who is motivated by the belief that the work that she does can help others. Staff Accountant by day and student by night, it’s exciting for her to see how her schooling and work benefit each other. She was first exposed to accounting by her mother and realized that she wanted to pursue it as a career while assisting the accounting department at a local real estate company where she developed a background in real estate transactions and financing. Before her work in real estate, she was an office manager for a physical rehabilitation services company where she prided herself in providing excellent customer service and enjoyed the complexity of medical billing. She later had the opportunity to train new staff, develop policies and procedures for the outpatient division, and was responsible for creating the department’s training reference manual.

Brittany spent her formative years in Salt Lake City, Utah where she fell in love with the Wasatch mountains, so it was natural for her to gravitate toward Mt. Hood upon moving to Oregon in 2012.  She loves hiking, snowboarding, and running with her Doberman pinscher. 

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