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Arielle Callaghan

Staff Accountant

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Arielle is a dedicated professional with a diverse background and a passion for making a difference in the accounting sector. With a Bachelor's degree in accounting from Portland State University and a forthcoming pursuit of a CPA license in 2024, she's poised to contribute her skills and knowledge to the field.


Arielle's entry into the accounting arena is driven by her advocacy for small businesses and their impact on local economies, and her time working in independent restaurants revealed a keen interest in the internal workings of businesses, motivating her to pursue a career in accounting.


As she joins the Primetrics team, Arielle will focus on various aspects of business accounting, including month-end close and payroll processing. Her enthusiasm for expanding her knowledge and learning about budgeting and valuations for companies is evident. Arielle is committed to helping clients write success stories through her expertise. Her diverse background and passion for the industry make her a valuable asset to the team, and her journey from the culinary arts to accounting is a testament to her adaptability and determination to excel in any endeavor. To say the least, Arielle is a professional with a unique blend of skills and experiences.


A Los Angeles native turned Portland resident for 10-plus years, Arielle's journey reflects her adventurous spirit. Her love for food, wine, and restaurants shines through as she enjoys exploring new culinary experiences. More importantly, her life is enriched by two beautiful cats, Spaghetti and Goblin, who add a steadiness to her bustling world.

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