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Merger to bring the vision of zero-trust passwordless access management to the rest of us.

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

OneID Lab and Tozny have merged to create a one-stop shop for businesses to address cybersecurity concerns. Both companies offer an array of tools; identity access management (IAM), privileged access management (PAM), key management, data encryption solutions, secure remote access, and advanced decentralized identity tokens solutions, which will all work in one platform. The path to a passwordless secure future is being built right now and it will be ready in the next few months.

What does this mean for business owners?

Over the past few years, there has been a substantial increase in ransomware attacks. If you are a large corporation this hurts, but you can recover. Medium to small-sized businesses (SMBs) lack this luxury and the resources to get ahead of a problem.

The newly merged company, Tozny Inc., is working to ensure businesses are protected beforehand without the hassle of implementing a completely new security system costing more than SMBs can typically afford. Tozny can implement a 'Zero Trust' architecture to help secure critical applications and manage identities, data, and security keys at a cost SMBs can afford. A security platform that will grow as you grow is what today's SMBs need. Tozny's solutions can help you get the front door locked and start working on your perimeter with tools that are simple and affordable. Tozny is set up to work with your managed service provider (MSP) so you can work with your existing partners and have it up and running very quickly.

How is Primetrics involved?

Primetrics has served as the fractional CFO and accounting firm for OneID for the past year. When the talk of a merger started, we were the natural partner to help scale up the administrative functions of the combined company. Early on, when we learned about the product, we offered to pilot the FIDO2 hardware token and Tozy idAM tools. Security of our client's data is a top priority at the firm. We are excited about the opportunity to work with such a great team on a product that everyone will love. Passwords are a total pain and we have a million of them. We will not miss them when they are gone!


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