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  • David Lawrence

Update: transaction fees to increase

UPDATE: has increased some of its fees for 2023. These changes are minor but important to note, so there are no surprises on the first billing statement of the new year.

Here's what you need to know:

"We are writing to inform you that the price of your BILL transaction fees will increase starting with your January 2023 billing cycle. Fees for Pay Faster and International wire transfers will also increase. The increases will be reflected starting with your February 2023 bill. We approach pricing changes with care and consideration, and these decisions are reflective of the continual investment we are making in your BILL experience," ( team).

The following are the changes to BILL pricing.

  • Transaction fees for Pay Faster checks will be:

  • Overnight: $22.99

  • 2 day: $17.99

  • 3 day: $11.99

  • International wire transfer (USD) fees will be $14.99 per wire.

  • Check transaction fees will be standardized at the current price of $1.69 per check payment or invoice.

Have questions? Reach out for further details as to what this means for you.

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