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Meyers-Briggs Personality Type

David Lawrence

Sr. Sales and Marketing Associate

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David is all about connecting with customers in the digital world. Through the use of commercial-grade CRM tools and digital marketing software, he strategically finds ways to implement the right systems needed to connect with those customers effectively. He has a variety of tools in his marketing belt. A few to note are (1) SEO prep work (2) CMS analysis (3) Brand development strategy (4) Content Creation (5) Email marketing. He is well-versed in a number of areas and continues learning.

David began his work with Primetrics as an intern while simultaneously finishing his studies at Portland State University(PSU). Now, he sits as the Sales & Marketing Associate and continues to come up with strategies to further better the brand presence with the company. At times, he’s been asked to jump in and support a business with its marketing efforts in creating a strong brand foundation.

David’s passion for the marketing industry began during his early studies at PSU. Before officially choosing a major, he explored the business school searching for the right fit. During a prerequisite business class, he was intrigued by the marketing field. Once the route was chosen, David finished at Portland State University with his B.S. in business administration with an emphasis on marketing. Now, he continues to find creative ways in learning new marketing-related software to improve performance.

Yes, believe it or not, David does have a life outside of work. He tells us a new-found summer hobby of his is kayaking. It’s a new routine of his in addition to camping. During the cold weather months, he spends much of that time watching football and tracking how his favorite sports teams are doing. Lastly, he is a semi-foodie and explores the vast food offerings in Portland.

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