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Connie Koder

Fractional CFO

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Connie is an experienced CFO with a wealth of expertise in various industries, including manufacturing, construction, non-profits, and tech start-ups. Her deep understanding of financial analysis and business strategy development has helped these industries thrive. Her ability to identify procedural inefficiencies and implement practical solutions has enhanced financial accountability and integrity leading to great success.


Connie has a proven track record of accomplishments, such as; improving production timelines and on-time delivery of products to customers while working with operations and finance teams in the manufacturing industry, implementing project management tools for a construction company to improve accounting close deadlines, and ensuring compliance with audit requirements, and lastly, her time within the non-profit industry, developing written SOPs, mentoring, and cross-training accounting team members on grant reporting requirements, ensuring financial transparency and accountability.


Now, as Fractional CFO at Primetrics, Connie continues to leverage her expertise and experience to help clients improve their accounting practices and achieve financial success. She strongly believes in the power of partnership and works closely with clients to understand their unique needs and goals, providing tailored solutions that drive growth and profitability. Connie seeks to parlay her knowledge of the industry now into a Master’s degree, as she has already earned her BA in Pre-Law and Accounting.


Outside of her professional life, Connie enjoys spending time with her family and pursuing her interests in baking, cooking, photography, and interior design. She loves traveling to the Hawaiian islands to soak up the sun and relax on the beautiful beaches. However, above all, Connie is passionate about making a positive impact in helping others.

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