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Aline Orozco

Senior Accountant

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Aline’s energy and enthusiasm for learning have served her burgeoning career well. She has applied herself to learning various aspects of running a company, progressing from administrative roles to quality assurance leadership roles, to financial roles.  Aline is always seeking to add value wherever she goes.


At Primetrics, Aline works on a team to complete a variety of accounting functions that help businesses grow and thrive.  Outside of Primetrics, Aline serves as the Board Treasurer for Built Oregon, an organization encouraging entrepreneurs to build their consumer products businesses.


Previously, Aline was a financial manager for a large multinational non-profit organization, National Crittenton, which focuses on seeking social, economic, and political justice. While in this role, she worked on administering federal grants, providing technical assistance to other organizations, and helping establish new processes, all while working for a cause she was passionate about.


Aline’s love for accounting emerged during her time working for a local small business. In her role, she wore many hats and worked closely with the company's president. Being immersed in the day-to-day operations of the business allowed her to recognize opportunities for advancement. She is most proud of her work optimizing profits via a complex delivery workflow system.  


Aline is a Portland native and enjoys hiking in the Pacific Northwest, personal fitness, and spoiling her dog, Reggie.

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